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Postgres pairing

My FAVORITE way to work with postgres is:On macOSPosticoPostgresappI despise doing database management in the terminal because I have a hard time visualizing all of the tables and relationships. :(Postico really makes


I'm going to start working on a simple app called Budgetier. It's basically going to be a simple budgeting app so I can learn Django. The MVP is going to be a Django

Duplicate Databases

I seem to have the unfortunate luck of having constant database installation problems.To date, my personal mac suffers from constant MySQL problems because I've installed it different ways and now my mac

The movement from digital to paper

Not trying to be snobby or come off as a guru for anything. I just so happen to really like stationary because my mother collected, then my aunt started to collect, and now


There are some days where getting out of bed is the first challenge I face. Before you start playing doctor and trying to diagnose me with anxiety/depression, I'm perfectly happy and content

Picking things up, again

I'm ashamed. I haven't written code in a while. Part of it is the massive amount of anxiety it causes me and the other part of it is the inability to put it