February 2, 2019


I'm going to start working on a simple app called Budgetier.

It's basically going to be a simple budgeting app so I can learn Django.

The MVP is going to be a Django + PostgreSQL app that does some number crunching and forecasting and exports all the data into a txt file.

v1 will probably be hooking it up with google sheets for export and prettifying the interface with some front end framework. I've been staring at my half completed vue projects for a while... so... heh!~ :)

v2 will be the hardest part, securing the app and getting data from banks and retailers.

My half-assed attempt at making apps have always failed because I didn't keep up with it. I think my main motivation today is because I'm seriously tired of all of the budget apps. All of the different flavors out there don't suit my needs! Same with todolists/project management. What a pain. (I'll probably find the "right app" if I spent more time researching and was willing to spend a sum of money. I'm still living the broke college student life! No lifestyle inflation for me! I'd go as far as saying, my budget is tighter than when I was in college O__O)