January 2, 2019

Picking things up, again

I'm ashamed. I haven't written code in a while. Part of it is the massive amount of anxiety it causes me and the other part of it is the inability to put it high up enough on my priority list last year.

It's much easier to scroll and browse on the digital screen for hours, obsessing over the newest society trends (looking at you, subtle asian traits) and facing the fact that I'm getting older (cue my younger sister making me feel like a retiree when I don't know certain things, but, really, thank you for making sure I know who are the top asian males in China's entertainment industry. Kris Wu, anyone?)  

Kris Wu (180度無死角)

I started learning how to code in HTML, CSS, and spaghetti javascript back in the Xanga and MySpace days. Do you remember those annoying popups when you tried to copy an image? Yep. Or changing people's cursors to wands with sparkles that floated across the screen? Yeeeeep. :)

It probably looked something like this...

That became too easy (ha, boy was I wrong) and I found science and math more interesting. I didn't pick up code again until I was in college and enrolled in my first Java course. Without diving into my crap year in CompSci, I quickly transferred out and never looked back. I discovered interactive graphics and plunged into web development and data engineering (more like log retrieval and cleaning).

If I had to equate my speaking/native tongue to programming language, I'd choose Python. I don't need to pseudocode because I can speak python as if it was an actual language...

If I had to say this outloud: squares = list(map(lambda x: x**2, range(10)))

It'd sounds something like this:

Hey, if I created a list called squares by doing a map lambda of  x squared range to ten, what numbers would I get?

Funny, isn't it?


I've always wanted to learn Go and Ruby, but never fully committed. As part of my 2019 goals, I really need to boost my "academic" area and building a new app made it to my "top 10 to finish in 2019". I'm not going to heavy commit to either Go or Ruby at the moment and will determine what I learn based on what sort of app I decide to make. I'll end up going through these tutorials/guides/articles/whatever they're called now first before anything else.