Reboot of!

If it's your first time here welcome to my blog!

If you're wondering where my content went...

I was feeling really inspired this morning to finally fix my ssl issue on my blog but couldn't access my AWS EC2 instance... It ended up being accidentally terminated... without backup. Yes. That happened. So I spent the rest of today trying to setup my website from scratch with AWS, then Linode, and now I'm on DigitalOcean. I was encountering a weird error on Linode on both Ubuntu v16 and v18 where I could hit the nginx page but never the ghost blog even when I opted to setup and not setup ssl with ghost. It was truly odd and after spending my entire day and afternoon (11:00am to 5:30pm) I decided that I'll just go with DO and use their one-click app. For those of you that aren't familiar with DO, it's really quite simple and I found myself enjoying the GUI a lot more than Linode. Setting up DO to work with a Namecheap domain was also very painless.

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